Promoting workplace cycle facilities

Cycling commuters in the City Credit: Stuart Coles

Once you’ve installed facilities for cyclists, make sure everyone knows about it.

You can include information on cycling to the office in your directions on how to get to the site: for instance by car, by train, bus or bicycle.

You can tell people which London Cycle Guide your office is located in and how to find your cycle parking, and provide free copies for people to collect in the office.

You might need to signpost your cycle parking so that employees and visitors can find it.

Include your cycle-friendly policies in your induction information.

If a Bicycle User Group has been set up, make sure they have all the information about the cycle facilities so they can they disseminate the information around the organisation.

Bike Week, an annual event promoting cycling across the UK, is a great time to spread the word about your cycling facilities.

You could set up an office cycle ride or fundraise for the office charity by offering to match funds raised by employees who cycle to work.

Bike Week usually takes place during June: see our 'what's on' section for news about Bike Week events.

The workplace Cycle Challenge organised by Transport for London during June is another way getting promoting cycling.

We reward the best in workplace cycling facilities annually in our London Cycling Awards.