REVIEW: Proviz - REFLECT360 Womens Cycling Jacket


Proviz - REFLECT360 Cycling Jacket - Womens

RRP £74.99


There was quite a bit of excitement in the office when the Proviz Reflect 360 jacket arrived - a cycling jacket with an all over reflective outer shell. A number of other companies have been producing similar jackets for a few years now, including Nike for Team USA in 2012 and their current Nike Reflect range  as well as Lulu Lemon’s women’s bomber jacket but this is the first cycling specific jacket we know of, and also sold at a much more reasonable price point for most London cyclists.

Having checked the sizing measurements on the Proviz website, and got the tape measure out, we asked to be sent a Women’s size 12, however we soon realised the sizing was more than generous, so exchanged this for a women’s size 10, which is still a very loose fit. We were told the fit is to allow wearers to wear a jumper or layers underneath, but despite being a women’s fit, it is quite snug around the hips, but very generous around the underarms and across the chest – causing the jacket to bunch up across the front while riding. The jacket does have practical zipped under arm vents, which we’ve kept undone to keep us from overheating, apart from on the very coldest of winter days.

While out testing the jacket, it certainly drew attention and is a conversation start with fellow people on bikes, including that chap on a Brompton on Tower Bridge, who was wearing a men’s medium version, but found it to be very large, even over jumpers and layers, and wished he’d exchanged it for a small, but he was VERY pleased with his purchase otherwise. 

Something else to note is the material, as great as it is (and the fact it just looks grey in daylight, which means you can wear it in to a shop or the pub without blinding your friends) it makes quite a ‘rustling’ sound when your arms rub on your sides when walking – so it definitely predominantly a jacket for on the bike.

Negative comments aside, this jacket really does reflect external light sources, such as vehicle headlights very well, so if you find yourself cycling in the during a lot of the time during the winter months, it’s a great addition to your cycling wardrobe – as reflective clothing or accessories can be far more effective than hi-vis after dark


This Proviz - REFLECT360 Cycling Jacket is available directly from Proviz, and can be purchased here.