Public Liability Insurance FAQs

LCC has insurance for public events that are part of the organisation's business. This is not the same as personal insurance cover, and it is best to check with the LCC office that your event is covered if you are in doubt.

Are local group events, (i.e. stalls, Dr Bike’s etc.) covered by insurance?
Yes - LCC events and LCC business are covered by Public Liability Insurance. This includes cover for LCC Borough Groups, so it is important that your local group endorses any activity for which public liability insurance is needed. It is different for rides - see below.


What if a local group takes on someone else and pays them to do a local group event, is that person covered under LCC cover?
No - if the group is paying them we would want them to have their own insurance - otherwise our insurance premiums will go sky high if we have to cover all our subcontractors.


If a non-LCC member leads a ride organised by a local group, what is the position regarding insurance?
It is LCC's third-party liability insurance that covers individual members that applies to rides. A ride leader who is not an LCC member would not be personally covered.

Does LCC cover non-LCC members on rides?
No - it covers LCC's liability towards them and each of our member’s liability towards them - but not their liability towards other people. Any rider would need some form of personal third-party insurance if, for example, they scratched a car or collided with a pedestrian. LCC members are automatically covered under the LCC's third-party insurance; non-members are not.