QUADRABYKE, £99.99, www.q-byke.com


Is it a bike? A trike? Quad bike? No — it's a QuadraByke, and it's all three. Designer Tony Wayman's multi-axle design lets you add or remove wheels without tools, so you can swap between the three set-ups in minutes. A choice of silver, pink, red or blue should satisfy even the most design-conscious three- to six-year-olds. 

We had no complaints about the QuadraByke’s sturdy build quality, while the efficient band brakes, enclosed chain and European certification should demonstrate the QuadraByke’s suitability for children.

In almost Clarkson style our tester Gus (age 4) said: “It’s really good.” There you have it. For a decent price, you get a cool first ride that should last about three years and spark some Kodak moments.