Quietway consultations go live all over

Until last month, Quietways and their Zone 1 counterparts on the Central London Cycling Grid had been too quiet, if anything. Several of the first full routes had silently missed their deadlines. But now, with Mayoral purdah looming, Quietways are making a big noise.

A flurry of Quietway consultations in December included QW5 sections in Lambeth and QW7 sections in Southwark, as well as Central London Cycling Grid sections in the City and Westminster. And several sections of Quietway in Waltham Forest of QW2 have recently closed. But now they’re coming thick and fast in January.

You can currently give opinions on the following Quietways, out to public consultation:

Quietway 5 Waterloo to Croydon – Wandsworth, closes 3 February

Quietway 4 Clapham Common to Wimbledon – Wandsworth, closes 14 February

And on the following Central London Cycling Grid Quietways:

Harrington Gardens to Bayswater Road – Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, closes 31 January

Fitrovia to Pimlico – Westminster, closes 8 February

Hyde Park to South Kensington (Exhibition Road) – Westminster, closes 8 February

Bayswater Road to Edgware Road – Westminster, closes 8 February

Green Park to Marylebone – Westminster, closes 8 February

Regents Park to Gladstone Park – Westminster, closes 8 February

On top of those, there are numerous individual junction on the Quietways and Central London Cycling Grid that TfL is currently also consulting on. You can find them here.

Of course, as we’ve already pointed out, the initial Quietways and Central London Cycling Grids have not lived up brilliantly to the Mayor’s vision for them to be direct, designed as whole routes, segregated from motor traffic where they briefly join busy roads and to make use of “filtered permeability” that restricts through motor traffic etc. Here’s hoping this new lot are an improvement.