Read your LIPs: Stand up for cycling in your borough and City of London

photo  If you live or cycle in the City, you should respond to their LIP, as is the case for all boroughs

LCC is calling on all cyclists who ride through the City to make their views known on the Corporation's Local Implementation Plan (LIP), setting out spending priorities for the next three years.

The City is one of the first London authorities, along with Bexley and Newham, to put their LIPs online.

Local campaigners have questioned the City Corporation's true commitment to cycling, despite a 10% target for cycle journeys, pointing out that similar targets set in the past are nowhere near being reached.  

The LIPs set out how council money will be spent in coming years, and you're entitled to comment on these plans as part of your local LCC group or as an individual.

The plans must set a target for cycling in your borough, which you can check in the document. The Mayor has set a target of 400% increase from 2001 to 2026, which would mean 5% of journeys would be made by bicycle.

The current level is just 2% for the whole of London, though this is an increase from 1.2% in 2001.

In surveys, one in three Londoners says they want to cycle more, which is why LCC is calling for a higher target of one in five journeys, or 20% modal share, to be made by bicycle in 2026.

LCC advises interested parties to search LIP documents for the words 'cycling', 'cyclist', 'cycle', 'bicycle to see how often and where they come up.

Make sure that there are clear commitments to cycle training (especially for children), cycle parking, and improvements to cycle infrastructure in the LIP, along with an ambitious cycling target.

The draft LIP for Bexley, for example, includes references to cycle training and cycle parking, but these are brief compared to a lengthy section on car parking.

The Bexley target for the 'modal' share of cycling is set below the Mayor's target of 5%, although it aims for an increase in the number of journeys.