Redbridge Movers and Shakers in the News

Redbridge Movers and Shakers
Michelle Dunn from the local Council on her bike

A project created to positively influence the community, the Redbridge Movers and Shakers have been gathering much press and interest with their cause.

Using high profile individuals as role models for change, the Movers and Shakers are meant to set an example for children and adults alike to encourage and promote cycling as an alternative and sustainable means of transport and physical activity.

Having received the CCFfL (Community Cycling Fund for London) funding in 2009, the Redbridge branch of the London Cycling Campaign has achieved much this year with this initiative.

Offering training lessons and support for all participants, the Redbridge cycling campaign hopes the project has not only encouraged the riders to integrate cycling into their own lives but also given them insight as to what barriers are stopping others from getting into the bike saddle.

There have been many positive reactions from Movers and Shakers participants who haven’t ridden a bicycle in quite some time such as Councillors Sue Nolan and Michelle Dunn:

“I haven’t cycled for years and years and I found it really exhilarating,” Councillor Michelle Dunn said, “I’d definitely like to come to Redbridge Cycling Centre again.”

Councillor Keith Prince was also inspired by the experience:

“It's very important to catch people and get them interested while they are young,” he told the Ilford Recorder, “It is a way of combating child obesity. I also think we need more cycle paths to encourage children to take up cycling. I'm considering cycling from my home to the Town Hall from now on.”

On Saturday, June 6th, 30 of the Movers and Shakers will be participating in the “Movers and Shakers Redbridge Ride” to wrap up the campaign.

The event will take place at 12:30pm at the Redbridge Cycling Centre with addresses from Lee Scott MP, GLA member Roger Evans, Chief Inspector Paige Kimberley and Cllr. Keith Prince.

For more information, visit the Redbridge LCC’s website.