Redbridge Movers and Shakers Ride

Roger Evans, GLS member Redbridge & Havering, Lee Scott  MP, Cllr Keith Perince, Leader of Redbridge Council 006a is the start of the Movers & Shakers Ride, led by Chris Elliott

In a bid to positively influence the community, Redbridge Cycling Campaign has been working with high profile individuals as role models to set an example and to encourage and promote cycling.

How does it work?

The project culminated in the Movers and Shakers Redbridge Ride on Saturday 6th June.

Thirty movers and shakers took part including the leader of the council, Keith Prince, three of his Cabinet members, Sue Nolan, Michelle Dunn and Nicholas Hayes, and new council recruit Alex Wilson.

Lee Scott, MP for North Ilford, welcomed to project and he believes that it is ‘vital to have a national cycling strategy.’

Events like Redbridge Movers and Shakers Ride can have a great impact on the local community. By getting the local Movers and Shakers on their bikes, it becomes obvious that cycling is fun but it also helps to raise awareness of cycling as a green mode of transport and as part of healthy living.

The verdict

Roger Evans, GLA member for Redbridge and Havering, explains that most people use all modes of transport, from trains to buses. But often cycling is neglected as a means of transport. ‘Cycling used to be a niche activity but if you travel around Central London now, you see lot of people on their bikes.  We want to encourage more of that.’

Evans also points out that in order to encourage more people to get on their bikes, we need to start working on removing the obstacles that keep people from cycling. ‘One of the things which discourages people from cycling is that they have nowhere to park their bikes at work.’

Recently, the London Assembly has acknowledged the lack of safe bike parking, and London Cycling Campaign is currently working and campaigning to dramatically increase the number of bike stands in London.

Another area that needs to be addressed is road safety. Chief Inspector Paige Kimberly of the Met Police, a keen cyclist herself, says that HGVs are a big concern for cyclists. ‘We need to raise awareness that pedestrians, cyclists, lorry drivers, and car drivers need to be aware of each other.’

For this reason, London cycling Campaign is working with employers, the press, and CycleTraining UK to launch “Cycle awareness” driver training.

Movers and Shakers is an initiative by the Redbridge branch of LCC in which people of influence within the community act as role models to demonstrate that cycling can be for everyone.