Response to the Mayor's Draft London Environment Strategy

The Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has published his London Environment Strategy (LES). The London Cycling Campaign welcomes and supports the vision the LES sets out, namely that of a city with zero carbon emissions, clean air, more green spaces, greater biodiversity, resilience to climate change and sustainable management of water.

We agree that increasing the long term wellbeing and prosperity of all Londoners requires London to live within its environmental means; and that action to do so can - and should - be used to reduce inequality and poverty and improve the life chances of the most disadvantaged. We also agree that there should be no trade-off between the LES and the Mayor’s economic development agenda: there is great potential for new economic activity through the pursuit of greener economy.

However the long term targets in the LES will require the Mayor to set out a clear operational pathways towards their achievement, with interim staging points. Most especially, given that large scale shift away from motor vehicle use towards cycling and public transport will be integral to reducing pollution and carbon emissions, LCC would like to see a Cycling Delivery Plan established to achieve the cycling targets to which the Mayor has agreed. See LCC’s response to the Mayor’s Transport Strategy consultation.

As well as creating safer and more inviting road conditions for cycling we call on the Mayor to use the powers at his disposal to reduce car dependency: the MTS refers to an expansion of new models of cycle hire as well as car clubs/sharing/pooling, and LCC would like to see such expansion of affordable and convenient alternatives to car use and ownership reflected in the LES also. In the same vein we strongly support the references in both the LES and MTS to the value of cargo bikes in displacing motor vehicles for last mile deliveries (including e-bikes); we would support the Mayor in going further by incentivising their widespread uptake by businesses. Finally, we believe that there is a compelling case for the widespread – if not London-wide – deployment of smart, dynamic road pricing and traffic management.

LCC’s full response to the LES may be found here.