Review: Zefal MT01 Mini Trackpump

Zefal MT01 Mini Trackpump 

A little too porky to be a proper 'minipump' as such, but not packing the punch of a full-on trackpump either, you might think the MT01 falls awkwardly between two stools. Not so in our opinion.

With its wide telescopic aluminium barrel, foldable plastic handle and 600mm rubber hose, the MT01 probably has more in common with its trackpump bethren in the mechanic's workshop. This version is designed for high volume mountain bike and hybrid tyres, with a maximum inflation pressure of 130psi. However there's also a high pressure RG01 version for road bikes that'll get up to 160psi with a nifty inline gauge (£32.99) and an even more compact version, the RG02 (£24.99), that will pump to 100psi.

As you'd expect, the valve connecter is reversible between Presta and Schrader, though unfortunately the swap is as fiddly as any typical minipump – but once locked in place doesn't slip while you're pumping away. The lengthy hose allows you to access the wheel at any angle and with your foot on the flip-down 'stand' the body stays stable too. 

Performance was pretty consistent and impressive on the half-a-dozen tyres we tried. On average it took about 15-18 strokes to inflate a 2.1in tyre to a rideable pressure, which is less than half that of most true minipumps. Very noticeably, it's a lot less tiring, especially when you flat at the end of a long ride.

At 300g, it might be a flapjack's weight heavier than a 'back-pocket pump', but at 345mm long the MT01 can be stowed unobtrusively in any pack or pannier. For our money it's a very good investment for multi-day trips, or for ride leaders who are regularly called into emergency service duty.

Review: John Kitchiner