RITCHEY Pro Biomax bar, £72, www.rictheylogic.com

Getting your set-up ‘just so’ on a road bike is crucial due to the prolonged periods you spend in limited positions. If you've experimented with stems of different length and rise, and seatposts of varying layback, in a quest to find that riding nirvana, then this bar is worth a look too as it's designed to you achieve a more natural position on the bike.

Made from lightweight aluminium, the tops are swept six degrees back towards you, shortening the reach a tad; the drop is also much shallower than on regular bars (130mm) and there’s an ‘ergo bump’ for added comfort when using said drops.
All seemingly small things but ones that add up to a more relaxed day in the saddle, especially useful for touring.

Nice range of widths too: 36/38/40/42/44cm. JK

PROS Adds noticeable comfort
CONS Online ‘bargains’ go quickly