Roadpeace conference: Improving the post-crash response in London

Slower speeds reduce road danger

With the support of LCC, CTC and Living Streets, Roadpeace is organising a conference on 22 September 2010 to highlight developments in the investigation and prosecution of casualty collisions.

LCC is encouraging members and other London cyclists to attend the conference, because it's really important that as many transport specialists are aware of issues around the 25,000 casualty collisions a year

The conference will look at issues surrouding investigations, looking not only at criminal guilt and innocence, but also at how to reduce danger on our roads.

LCC's HGV campaigner Charlie Lloyd said, "Please encourage all your local cycling and safety officers, councillors, police and lawyers to get to the conference. There should still be a few subsidised places left for local campaigners."

A key aspect of the conference will be a Transport for London update on the ongoing study into how cyclist collisions are managed by the criminal justice system.

Another point of interest for cyclists will be the discussion of a new type of witness statement currently piloted which is conducted at the scene of the crash or shortly afterwards addressing problems of time-lag between collisions and witness statements.

The conference will focus specifically on London and include speakers from the Met Police, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators and specialist personal injury lawyers.

For more details and to book your place, go to the Roadpeace website or contact Amy Aeron-Thomas on 0207 733 1603 or by email.