Royal Mail abandons delivery bikes while Office Depot embraces them

photo Olympic gold-medalist Jamie Staff joined Office Depot to launch the new bikes at City Hall

While Royal Mail has been heavily criticised for announcing plans to phase out bicycles for delivering post across the UK, Office Depot is building up a fleet of City cargo bikes.

The global office supplies company, is introducing cargo bikes to carry out 75% of its City deliveries, which were previously all done by van.

A spokesperson for Office Depot said, “Pedal power is good for Office Depot, good for our customers, good for London and good for the planet as a whole.”
Office Depot distributes around 1350 cartons of office supplies each day in the London EC postcode. Around 900 of these will transfer to cargo cycle, with deliveries taking place from a warehouse near South Bank, SE1.

The Royal Mail decision is likely to see 24,000 bicycles replaced by vans. The measure is designed to make efficiency savings from fewer trips.

Employee safety was also cited, even though bicycle injuries come only fifth in the organisation's list of incidents.

No environmental assessment of the move has been carried out.