Sadiq & Zac wobble on cycling: Sign for Cycling now!

Both of the frontrunners in the Mayoral campaign seem to be going all wobbly on cycling. That’s why we urgently need you to not just Sign for Cycling, but get everyone else you know to do so also.

Zac Goldsmith has already told LBC that he would remove Cycle Superhighways - “rip them up… if the evidence showed that they didn't work” - rather than backing them as essential to keep London moving, and making sure they are designed well enough to work (or heeding the evidence that those in place already do appear to be working!). He also told Camden residents he wants to rerun the consultation on CS11, saying he would “require TfL to adapt their plans to the community, in such a way that they [get] overwhelming support.” CS11 has already been revealed to have received overwhelming support at public consultation.

Initially, Sadiq Khan seemed stronger on cycling – he has pledged to increase both the share of spending on cycling by TfL and overall amount; and his manifesto promises to “continue the Cycle Superhighway Programme, investing in new routes… with a focus on segregated provision”; “commence priority improvements at more of London’s major accident blackspot” junctions”; and “move towards City Hall and TfL contracts specifying ‘direct-vision’ lorries.” Great… until yesterday.

At a hustings, broadcast by ITV, Khan has now said: “you don’t need [cycle] lanes as wide as we do” (contrary to the evidence of what actually keeps people safe) and “we have to learn the lessons to make sure cars flow smoother”. Smoothing traffic flow was something current Mayor Boris Johnson talked about initially, but it didn’t work.

Boris subsequently got his priorities right. As he says in Human Streets: “Our population is growing by 10,000 a month. To cope with all those new people… we must make better use of the roads - by encouraging people on to forms of transport, such as bikes, which take up less space… Central London traffic will need to be lower than it is now.”

With Goldsmith considering ripping out Cycle Superhighways and rerunning consultations to suit vocal minorities, and Khan apparently going cold on the Cycle Superhighways, we need to make sure both candidates hear loud and clear that they need to be better on cycling. How? We need everyone to Sign for Cycling!