Safer lorry plan expected in the Autumn says Mayor

Safer lorry plan expected in the Autumn says Mayor

Mayor Sadiq Khan has set a  time frame for his programme to make safer , cleaner lorries the London standard. Responding to a question from Labour Assembly Member Florence Eshalomi the Mayor said he expects Transport for London to develop a plan by this autumn.  LCC welcomes progress to acheive the Mayor's commitment to safer vehicles. 


A new standard for HGV ‘direct vision’  (as opposed to indirect vision via mirrors and cameras) from TfL is understood to be close to completion. Publication of a standard  will enable TfL, and other authorities,  to specify lorries that meet this standard in contracts.  Examples of lorries that offer extensive direct vision and good visibility of pedestrians and cyclists include the Mercedes Econic and Dennis-Eagle Elite. The Mayor’s written response to the question from Eshalomi said:


 “Heavy Goods Vehicles with maximum direct vision are available now and are successfully 

working in TfL's supply chain. I intend to quickly increase the number of these safer trucks seen

on London's streets and have asked TfL to develop a plan to do this by this autumn.

TfL will continue to work with vehicle manufacturers, operators, trade bodies and cycling

groups to raise awareness of these safer trucks and provide advice to construction projects

across London as they develop this plan.”

 Esahlomi’s written question to Khan stated:


 “During the Mayoral election you made the following welcome pledge, which I welcome: 

"And I will promote safer, cleaner lorries. I will work with the boroughs and using City Hall

procurement to set new safety standards, work to make sure City Hall and TfL contracts specify

'direct-vision' lorries, and use planning and other powers available to me, so that the safest

lorry types become the norm on London's streets as soon as possible."

Please set out the steps and timetable you now intend to take to implement this pledge.”

 LCC has been lobbying for the widespread use of lorries  with low entry cabs and much greater direct vision for several years. LCC’s mock up of a ‘direct vision’ lorry for construction use was included in the Transport Report Laboratory report on cyclist fatalities back in 2014. The design is similar to the construction vehicles recently unveiled by Mercedes and Dennis Eagle. Scania has also displayed a tipper truck with a lower cab  and  improved direct vision.