Save Herne Hill Velodrome campaign sets out vision on its new website


photo Save The Velodrome/Hopkins Architects How the new main stand in Herne Hill might look

The campaign to Save The Velodrome has set out ambitious plans to renovate the Herne Hill arena on a new website.


The campaign, organised by local residents and supported by many local cycling groups including Southwark Cyclists (the local LCC group), is trying to halt the slow decay of the facility, and looking for ways to make the velodrome a self-sustaining enterprise.

The first meeting of the campaign in October 2010 was attended by 700 committed cyclists and local residents, and received pledges of support tens of thousands of pounds, including from Southwark council.

The plans have been drawn together with Hopkins Architects, who are responsible for the Olympic velodrome.

A renovated velodrome in Herne Hill would include an elevated cafe looking over the track, a family circuit, permanent workshops and storage facilities, and a fitness centre.

Find out more on the Save The Velodrome website