School cycle training under threat from new funding process

photo School cycle training is under threat from new council funding arrangements introduced by the mayor

Children across London could find that their schools no longer provide cycle training under new city-wide funding regimes introduced by the mayor.

In 2009-10, some £3 million pounds was spent on cycling training for both adults and children in London, but in 2010-11 that could fall sharply.

The reason is that instead of ring-fencing money for adult and school cycle training, Transport for London is allocating money to local councils under general headings such as smarter travel and corridors.

Subject to following the principles of the new Mayoral Transport Strategy, councils allocate the money as they wish, either providing more, equal or zero money to cycle training. New pupils in years 5 and 6 could get no training.

One school in south London has already had to ration cycle training places, and that’s before the new funding regime comes in.

What you can do?

Contact your local councillor and ask that the council’s Local Implementation Plan includes a specific allocation for child and adult cycle training.

Ask, in particular, if all schools that request an allocation will get one. 
Access to cycle training is a key demand in LCC’s Manifesto for the May elections.