Search for Tweeter who boasted of hitting two cyclists in Richmond Park

Last night (Wed 11 May 2011), while looking for info about our Richmond local group on Twitter, we chanced upon this message from an unknown tweeter calling himself @Incillin:

“Today is not my day.. I just hit two cyclists subsequently in Richmond Park. That's why ladies and gentlemen..its not wise to cycle.”

The time stamp showed the tweet was sent before 7pm yesterday (Wed 11 May).

Not long after this, the tweeter continues:

“By the way when such things occur...I don't stop. In this instance, I casually drove away from the scene like nothing happened.”

One of his followers, @AhmedGooner, asks (clearly worried about the two cyclists):

“Is the Astra dented? I hope not...”

to which our hero replies:

“Nah its not dented. I think the two white guys I hit...were more bruised and dented. Not a scratch on mind.”

Now we’re in the Twitterverse here, so let's make it clear we have no proof these incidents took place.

However, if it’s true...

First, being a bad enough driver to hit two cyclists in one day should be enough to have you removed from the roads permanently.

And second, hitting two human beings and then having the cowardice to drive away – when either of them could have serious injuries – is totally unacceptable.

Fortunately, the law agrees, and not reporting a crash is a serious criminal offence, which could put this driver in jail.

LCC tweeted the message below last night to see if anyone could identify the two cyclists involved in the alleged crash (@london_cycling):

“Astra driver tweeted that he knocked down 2 cyclists in Richmond Pk yday & didn't stop. Were you there? pls retweet”

We deliberately didn’t mention the guy's Twitter handle – not to respect his privacy (we figure he’s lost the right to that) – but because we didn’t want to warn him.

This morning, however, possibly spooked by the unwelcome attention after someone copied him into a tweet, @Incillin blocked his Twitter account.

Fortunately, we’d already copied his last three months of tweeting into a document that we’ve now handed over to the Police Cycle Task Force and the Met Police’s Road Safe team.

Reading through the archive, we quickly found an earlier tweet, implying @Incillin does this journey regularly, perhaps putting cyclists in Richmond Park (if not all over London) at risk every day?

“From Kingston to Action in that feasible?...well with my driving anything ah anything.”

Gleaning information from several hundred tweets, we've put together this description:

Twitter name @Incillin (Sayyib Qutb)
Height deleted
Car Vauxhall Astra
Appearance deleted
Age deleted
Studying deleted
Place of study deleted
Graduated deleted
Lives deleted
Schools deleted
Football team deleted
Holidays deleted

Who knows? Maybe the tweet was a bit of childish posturing and no-one really got hurt... let’s hope so.

If this is the case, perhaps the driver will admit this and show regret for treating the safety of cyclists with such public disdain.

Whatever happens, we can’t help but sign off with this pearl of wisdom from @Incillin himself, tweeted on 20 April:

“Be careful in what you say. You never know..when you'll be made accountable for your words.”

UPDATE, 5.10pm, 12 May 2011

@Incillin has contacted LCC and asked us to print the apology below (published unedited) for anyone offended by his comments.

Now his identity has been established and passed on to the police, we've agreed to remove his personal details and photo from our site (see above).

"I’d like to express my side of the story in regard to the tweet made about the cyclists in Richmond Park.

Yesterday around 7pm. I was with few of my mates whom had my phone unknowingly and tweeted that particular tweet as a “joke”.

First and foremost, nothing stated in the tweet is true in the slightest.

Secondly, as a avid cyclist myself who cycles to work twice a week, I would never commit such crime nor indulge in it.

However, since the twitter account is mine. I accept full responsibility for my mate’s stupid actions, which has come to this. I also send my sincere apologies."