Seatpost bags and larger saddlebags

An SQR (Seatpost Quick Release) bag Credit: Adrian Lewis

If you’d prefer to use your bike to carry your bag and you don’t have too much to take, it’s worth considering an SQR (Seatpost Quick Release) bag. These bags have a built in frame that mounts to a block positioned on the seatpost. On SQR bags, there is a quick release on this block which means that the bag can be removed from the seatpost in seconds. These are a great solution if your bike will not take a rack or if you don’t need to carry too much (most SQR bags have a recommended maximum load of 10kg, and about the capacity of a small backpack). They usually cost around £50-£60.

Saddlebags are usually slightly smaller and fix to the underside of the saddle, but larger bags will often clip to both the saddle and the seatpost and work in a similar way to the SQRs. For both of these you can buy supports, which usually comprise of a metal tray which attaches to the seatpost and supports the weight of
the bag.