'Secret' route bypassing dangerous Lea Interchange opens in East London near Olympic Park

Keeping a low profile it appears, without any fanfare or prominent signage, an off-road cycling and walking bypass of the dangerous Lea Interchange has opened up in East London.

For riders heading west from Waltham Forest the route can avoid the multiple traffic lanes and crossings where a cyclist was killed at the Lea Interchange during the London 2012 games.

Riders coming south down Ruckholt Road can now turn left, at the junction shown in the photo above, into the QE Olympic Park right after crossing the River Lea, and just before they reach the main Lea Interchange, and continue their journey alongside the west bank of River Lea.

You can then  bear right for Victoria Park and Hackney or bear left for Stratford Station and shopping centre. The shared use path, which is car free, offers great views of the Velodrome, Aquatics Centre and Olympic Stadium. The route has some signposts at its entrance (see first photograph) but they are easy to overlook as you cycle down Ruckholt Road.

A second route has also opened up on the east side of the river Lea (accessed via an unsigned path shortly before you cross the river Lea on Ruckholt Road. Currently this path provides access for walkers to the Velopark via steps but the route accessible by cycle (without steps) comes to an end at Waterden Road where works are continuing. 

Meanwhile, the highway authorities in the Olympic Park have unveiled yet more examples of  poor design meticulously chronicled by blogger HackneyCyclist. LCC highlighted some of the problems in the Olympic Park earlier this year on our website and the BBC.