Secure cycle parking at Finsbury Park

Commuters in North London will have the chance to cut their journey times from tomorrow when the Capital's biggest staffed cycle park opens in Finsbury Park.

Cycling is one of the quickest ways to get around the Capital and the new Finsbury Park Cycle Park, installed by Transport for London (TfL), will enable north Londoners to cycle to Finsbury Park, leave their bicycles in secure and weather proof surroundings and continue their journeys by bus, rail or Tube.

The facility, at one of the busiest transport interchanges outside central London, marks the completion of the latest phase of TfL's £10m Finsbury Park Transport Interchange Project.

The cycle park will be staffed during peak hours, and provide 24-hour secure parking for 125 bicycles, using a new smart card operated lock system that TfL is piloting at the facility.

Users will be able to use the cards to access the cycle park 24- hours-a-day, with staff on hand to provide and top up cards at peak hours during the week, and throughout the day at weekends.

Located on Stroud Green Road, the cycle park is adjacent to both Station Place bus station and Finsbury Park, and provides cyclists with direct access to the park and the London Cycle Network+ (LCN+).

Barry Broe, Director of Transport Planning and Policy at TfL, said: "More than 36,000 people use Finsbury Park station every weekday morning and the new facility will give them the option to cycle to the station and leave their bike safe in the knowledge it will be protected from both the weather and theft.

"The Finsbury Park Cycle Park is an important pilot project, and one of the many ways TfL is seeking to continue the increase in cycle usage that has been achieved in recent years."

Jeremy Corbyn, MP for Islington North, said:"As a keen cyclist myself, I am aware how important it is to have a secure place to leave one's bike.

"I hope and believe this facility will encourage more people to cycle to Finsbury Park, leave their bike, then travel on by public transport. It is a very welcome development."

Secure parking

Jennette Arnold, Assembly Member for North East London, said: "Finsbury Park is a key transport interchange for my constituents, many of them keen cyclists.

"So I'm delighted that this station is getting the first secure staffed cycle park in London.

"The number of cycle journeys on London's major roads has doubled during the last five years, plus London is set to host the start of the Tour de France next year, so it's an exciting time."

TfL is trialling the facility at Finsbury Park. Feedback from its users will help to improve the facility and inform the design of future bike parks at other major transport interchanges in London.