See and be seen around HGVs in Trafalgar Square

Two large lorries will be set up all day Tuesday and Wednesday in Trafalgar Square between 7am and 7pm. This is your chance to get up close and stay safe. Sit in the driver's cab, see what you look like in the driver's mirror. Walk/cycle around the lorry, discover where you can be seen and where you cannot. Talk to the police and some drivers, explain what it’s like cycling near a lorry.

One objective is to educate cyclists by getting to understand lorries. The other objective is to educate lorry drivers and trainers.  You can take part in video filming of your moves and reactions, tell them what you think and feel.  These videos will be used to help train lorry drivers in London. 

The aim is to reduce the number of collisions and deaths. If a lorry hits a cyclist – it’s the cyclist who get hurt.

This show is put on by the Commercial Vehicle Education Unit of the Met Police, who are working to make freight transport safer.