Selected one-way streets to become two-way for cyclists

Brussels no entry except bikes

Photo It's difficult to find a one-way street in Brussels that isn't two-way for cyclists

After years of campaigning by LCC and other cycling campaigners, a landmark decision has been made by the Department for Transport making selected one-way streets two-way for cyclists in Kensington & Chelsea.

The Royal Borough will trial ‘no entry except for cyclists’ signs on five one-way streets. The measure has required special permission because it contravened existing traffic regulations.

Usually councils wanting to implement cycle contraflow measures have to create dedicated cycle lanes at their entry points. 

Holland St, Thackeray St and Old Court Place will allow contraflow cycling for the first time, while Gilston Rd and Hollywood Rd will have the contraflow cycle lanes removed “to allow more parking and reduce street clutter”, according to a Kensington & Chelsea spokesperson.

Safe measure that's commonplace in Europe
Transport Minister Sadiq Khan said, "We want to make it easier for councils to encourage people to choose greener transport options.”

LCC campaigns manager Tom Bogdanowicz said. “LCC and CTC have been campaigning for years to make a sign that is common right across Europe legal in Britain. We welcome the trial and look forward to the new sign becoming standard.”

The new sign comes after an unsuccessful trial of ‘flying motorcycle signs’ (motor vehicles only) caused motorists to drive the wrong way up one-way streets due to confusion over their meaning.

A consultation on the amendment the traffic regulations runs until 10 December 2009, which could help make the new measure more widespread.

To comment, visit the consultation website.