How to get your workplace cycling

A workplace travel plan can make cycling easier and more enjoyable for employees

A workplace travel plan, also known as a green transport plan or staff travel plan, is a set of measures aimed at widening and promoting greener, cleaner travel choices and cutting unnecessary car use.

It involves developing a set of targets that can help an organisation to reduce the impact of travel and transport on the environment.

Travel Plans give staff the opportunity to have a say in plans for the organisation, promoting a more motivated and involved workforce.

They can also bring a number of other benefits to your organisation as an employer and to staff, playing an important part in environmental accreditation and allowing access to schemes offering grants, which can be ideal if you’re concerned that your organisation doesn’t have the money to spend on lots of new facilities.

With a Travel Plan, you may be eligible for free cycle parking under the Take a Stand scheme and offering maps showing cycle routes can be very helpful. Contact a travel plan advisor to find out what’s suitable for you.

Contact your local authority to see if they have a travel plan co-ordinator, or ask to speak to the Transport Planning Officer.