Share the Road joint statement

In conjunction with CTC - the UK's national cyclists' organisation, Sustrans, Living Streets, Transport 2000 and the Environmental Transport Association, LCC has prepared the following joint statement on Transport for London's 'Share the Road' campaign launched Tuesday 4th September by Mayor Ken Livingstone.


Joint statement on 'Share the Road'

Pedestrian and cycle user groups are responding to Transport forLondon's "Share the Road" campaign by calling on all road users to behave more considerately and to respect each other's equal rights to use the road.
In particular, drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists are being encouraged to be more considerate to vulnerable road users like pedestrians and children.

Most road users whether drivers, cyclists or pedestrians behave responsibly and this needs to be encouraged to create the safer road conditions where walking and cycling can flourish.  All Londoners stand to gain from this thanks to the reduction in congestion and pollution, as well as improved opportunities to travel in ways which are healthy, convenient, enjoyable and affordable.

Londoners have an equal right to street space whether on foot, two wheels or four.  All road users have a duty of care to avoid endangering or intimidating one another, and to respect each other's rights.   This means drivers and motorcyclists need to observe speed limits, not enter bike boxes (ASLs*) at traffic lights and give cyclists  room at junctions and when overtaking; meanwhile cyclists need to avoid frightening pedestrians and avoid potential collisions by stopping at both red lights and pedestrian crossings and not riding on pavements where they are not permitted to do so.

Pedestrian and cycle user groups, in common with other road user organisations, advocate responsible cycling, driving and motorcycling, and this includes observation of traffic regulations by all road users. Pedestrian and cycle user groups believe that greater police enforcement is needed for all road traffic offences including those which most endanger life and limb such as speeding, drink driving and illegal mobile phone use.

Pedestrian and cycle user groups are promoting cycle training as a way of enabling new cyclists to gain the confidence to cycle on city roads.  In London, cycle user groups are also distributing cycle route maps which allow new cyclists to choose the routes that best suit their ability.

CTC the national cyclists’ organisation
Living Streets (formerly the Pedestrians Association)
London Cycling Campaign
Environmental Transport Association
Transport 2000


* ASL - Advance Stop Line - Separate box painted on the ground at
traffic lights, with cycle symbol inside, designed  to improve cyclist safety. Under traffic regulations it is an offence for a motor vehicle (including motorcycles and scooters) to enter an ASL when the light is red.


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