Shopping centres

It is important to be able to park your bike where and when you need it.

It has been demonstrated that installing cycle parking is good for business. Cycle users make good customers!

If you are looking to get cycle parking installed at a shopping strip area there may be a town centre manager you can talk to; otherwise you would need to contact the local authority. Shopping Centres will often have their own managers whom you can contact.

Case Study

A project to encourage shoppers to use bikes was launched at Surrey Quays shopping centre on August 24, thanks to a £5,000 grant from Transport for London's Cycle London Promotional Partnership (CLPP). The Shopping Centred Cycle Training project, the brainchild of Southwark Cyclists, saw shoppers who normally used cars offered cycle training for just £10. Surrey Quays shopping centre were very pleased with the day, and are hoping to work with Southwark Cyclists again in the future.