Shops without bike stands lose business

Shops and businesses are missing out on customers by not having anywhere for cycle users to leave their bikes, according to the London Cycling Campaign.

The organisation is launching a new campaign to increase the number of parking stands outside shops and other high-street destinations. Cyclists are being provided with cards they can give to their most-used shops suggesting stores act to attract more business by installing cycle parking on their premises or asking the local authority to install bike stands nearby. The cards will be distributed at the Cycle Show from the 9th October, as well as being available for download from

“If a shop has cycling parking nearby it attracts customers who are able to shop in the knowledge that their bike will be there when they come out; it makes business sense for retailers to have bike stands,” said Tom Bogdanowicz, LCC Campaigns Manager. 

Well located bike stands outside stores, like the ones at Kensington High Street or Islington Green, are helping to attract customers whether it’s chains like Tesco’s and Waterstones or smaller independent shops. LCC is providing retailers with a letter they can send to their local council to request cycle parking stands. The letter can be downloaded at If retailers have their own land, they can install a two bike stand for as little as £150 – a worthwhile investment that will bring in business for decades.

Notes for editors

  • A survey has shown that weekly spending by cyclists and pedestrians at local shops is similar to that of motorists, but spread over more visits.
  • Reported bike thefts in London in 2006-7 totalled 19,000. Actual thefts is probably much higher as police say many bike thefts go unreported.
  • Cycle stands outside shops that have them, such as Tesco’s and Waterstones in Islington Green, or Morleys and Body Shop in the centre of Brixton, attract a steady stream of shoppers.
  • Cycle journeys in London have grown by 91% since 2000.