Sian Berry becomes second candidate to support Sign for Cycling


Sian Berry, Green Party, is the second London Mayoral candidate to come out in support of the London Cycling Campaign’s call to make cycling safe and enjoyable for everyone in London.

London Cycling Campaign (LCC) welcomes the commitment  made today by the Green Party candidate for London Mayor, Sian Berry, to meet the three-point agenda set out by the Sign for Cycling campaign. The campaign is seeking three specific commitments* from all Mayoral candidates to make London safe and enjoyable for everyone to cycle. A petition in support of this campaign has reached over 4,000 signatures. Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat candidate, was the first candidate to announce her support for  Sign for Cycling last week.


Sian Berry said: "I fully support LCC's Sign for Cycling campaign and, as a cycling Londoner myself, and a longtime transport campaigner, I couldn't support its aims more. If elected, I would deliver on the campaign’s three-point agenda. 

As Mayor I'd make sure we keep at least the same level of funding going for segregated space for cycling on major routes, and make sure these extend to outer London. Every borough would see investment in projects for people-friendly streets modelled on the current mini-Hollands, and I'd make sure every lorry had a direct vision cab before being allowed on London's roads by 2018.

I hope all my fellow candidates will promise the same, as helping more Londoners get around by bike is an essential part of building a safer, cleaner more accessible city."

Amy Summers, Campaigns Coordinator at LCC said: “We’re delighted Sian, a long-term advocate for cycling in London, is supporting our ‘Sign for Cycling’ campaign. Over 4,000 Londoners have signed our petition already, demonstrating that Londoners want a cleaner, happier and healthier city. And the three-point agenda that Sian has commited to help realise will go a long way to make that a reality.”

* Sign for Cycling Three Point Agenda:

Sign for Cycling ( is LCC’s campaign calling on the London Mayoral candidates to make cycling safer for everyone. Candidates are asked to commit to the following three point agenda, if elected:

  1. Trebling the total length of protected space for cycling on London’s streets (as compared to the total length expected to be installed under the Vision for Cycling by, or soon after, the current Mayor leaves office).
  2. Initiating a programme to extend Mini-Holland style schemes to every London borough.
  3. Using the Safer Lorries Scheme - plus all mayoral powers in relation to procurement, planning and regulation – to move as quickly as possible to a situation where “direct vision” lorries are the norm on London’s streets.

 Read more about the campaign policy.


Press contact: Amy Summers, Campaigns Coordinator |  | 020 7234 9310 | Out of hours: 07979 757100



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