LCC calls on the next Mayor to Imagine a Better London for Cycling


Today we launch our Sign for Cycling campaign, calling on London’s next Mayor to commit to make cycling safe and enjoyable for everyone, of all ages and abilities. This comes as our recent survey revealed that parents think London’s roads are far too dangerous for children to cycle; with 69% of people with children in their household saying cycling was ‘dangerous’ or ‘very dangerous’ for children in their borough. 

We want London’s next Mayor to create more safe space for cycling; enable more local journeys by bike and tackle lorry danger, to help make London’s streets safer for cycling.


Last week, we visited the children of Hugh Myddleton Primary School in Islington, who drew our ‘Sign for Cycling’ message on their playground and very eloquently told us what they had to say about cycling in London. Take a look below!

You can Sign for Cycling today by visiting our brand new microsite


Currently, London stands at a crossroads. The city’s population is set to rise to 10 million people by 2030. That’s 1.4 million more people who will need to move around the city safely and conveniently. Not only that, our air is filthy and childhood obesity rates are higher in London than the rest of the country. We need to keep the biggest and busiest city in Europe moving, healthy and happy. To do that we need lots more people cycling and walking.  But cycling needs to be safe, enjoyable and convenient if that’s going to happen. 

Whilst we’ve seen an increase in high quality cycling infrastructure being installed over the past 18 months, it’s still not enough to ensure that everyone can cycle. London’s cycling programmes must continue, and at pace if we are to see a real cycling revolution.

That’s why our Sign for Cycling campaign is calling on the mayoral candidates to commit to:

  • More safe space for cycling on main roads and at junctions. 
  • More ‘Mini-Hollands‘ - cycle friendly town centres - in every borough 
  • End lorry danger with smarter, safer lorries 

Read more about what we're calling for.


You can tell the Mayoral candidates that you want a city that is greener, healthier and easier to get about.

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