Sign up your kids' school for free cycling facilities

Schools that apply in the correct manner can receive free cycling facilities, including:

  • A fully installed, covered parking shed for as many bikes as necessary
  • Cycle training for pupils
  • A grant for sustainable transport infrastructure and activities 

The deadline for School Travel Plans for this year was 15 April, but now is the perfect time to start preparing for next year.

More than 600 schools in the London have already benefited from the cycle shed initiative, and many others offer cycle training. These measures significantly can increase the number of children cycling to school.

How to help your school...

How to get a cycle shed for your school

If your school doesn’t have a cycling shed, it's possible to get one installed at no cost to the school.

(Some schools think their grant money has to cover the cost of the shed but often that's not the case.)

Other schools submit a School Travel Plan (see below) but then don’t ask, or don't follow up on, for a shed and miss out.

If you're a parent and want to help arrange the shed, you may liaise with the TfL Cycle Centre of Excellence as long as you have the written support of the headmaster.

Your school qualifies for a cycle shed if

  • it reviews an existing School Travel Plan and requests cycle parking
  • it submits a new School Travel Plan and requests cycle parking

School Travel Plans should be sent to your borough council's School Travel Advisor, so the council can send them on to Transport for London.

How to review a School Travel Plan

More than half of London’s schools already have a School Travel Plan. Ask the headteacher if yours does already. If it does, then it may be possible to review the Plan, and add a request for a cycle shed to it.

School Travel Advisors, at your local council, should be able to advise your school on this.

How to create a new School Travel Plan

If your school doesn’t have a School Travel Plan, you can help develop one. Plans are usually drawn up with the help of the local Schools Travel Adviser – your local council will be able to put you in touch with them.

In some cases pupils have developed the school travel plan. Follow the link on the right for more infomation. 

Getting cycle training for your school

Your school can request cycle training from the local cycling officer or, in some cases, the local road safety officer.

Cycle training is provided for Year 5 and 6 pupils, subject to the funding they have. If funding has run out for 2009-10, the school can apply now for training in 2010-11. Applying early helps secure future funding, as does having a School Travel Plan.

If your school doesn’t have cycle training already, contact the headteacher and ask them to contact the local borough Cycling Officer to request training.

LCC can help you to help your school...

LCC and its local groups have helped many schools get cycling initiatives off the ground.

Contact the Campaigns team at LCC on 020 7234 9310 if you need help working with your school or you need a contact at your local LCC group.

Otherwise, fill in the form below, which will send an email to our Campaigns team.