Sixteenth London cyclist fatality in 2011 at Bermondsey junction identified by locals as dangerous

This morning a cyclist was killed in a collision with an HGV at the junction of Tower Bridge Road and Abbey Street, a location identified as dangerous by local people.

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In response to worries from residents and councillors in Bermondsey, Mayor Boris Johnson said in March 2011 that he intended commissioning a study into the safety of vulnerable road users at the junction.

Local residents have complained that the lack of pedestrian crossings puts people at serious risk whenever they cross this busy road.

Eight months later, there’s no indication this investigation has reported its results or even taken place.

The sad news of the sixteenth cyclist fatality in Greater London this year comes just a few days before a motion in the London Assembly will ask the Mayor Boris Johnson why safety recommendations for junctions are frequently ignored.

Today’s victim was a female cyclist, believed to be in her twenties, who died just after 10am this morning at a busy junction on a main road that has no cyclist or pedestrian facilities.

LCC’s chief executive Ashok Sinha said, “Whether it’s pedestrian or cyclist safety, the response from the authorities is the same: delay or ignore recommendations for safety improvements if they interrupt traffic flow.

“In the wake of the recent Bow fatalities, and in the face of the London Assembly motion next week, we’re calling on the Mayor to commit to a radical rethink of his road danger reduction policy.

“Streets should be designed in line with continental best-practice for cyclist and pedestrian safety, and with a zero-tolerance attitude to cyclists and pedestrians being killed or seriously injured.”

The motion to be debated in the London Assembly on Wednesday 7 December 2011 was proposed by Green mayoral candidate Jenny Jones and Labour deputy mayoral candidate Val Shawcross.

It asks Boris Johnson to reveal London’s most dangerous junctions and explain whether safety recommendations at those junctions have been ignored.

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