Southern roundabout of Elephant and Castle to be removed

photo This is a view of the proposed junction, facing south towards Newington Butts in the top-right



Work is due to start on the southern roundabout of the Elephant and Castle road complex, which is being converted into a three-way junction with cycle lanes, traffic lights, advance stop lines, and pedestrian crossings.

Other improvements include improved street lighting and extra trees, and subways underneath the roundabout will be filled in, and replaced by new surface crossings.

"The Elephant and Castle regeneration is one of the longest running development sagas in London. It's great that something is finally happening after years of wrangling," said LCC communications officer Mike Cavenett

Currently, it's a nightmare for cyclists
"There have been several cyclist fatalities and many collisions around the Elephant and Castle area, so measures to make it more cyclist-friendly are thoroughly welcome."

"It'll be interesting to see how the Elephant 'bypass' looks once it's had the Superhighways treatment. There are concerns that it's too narrow and features some unpleasant sharp turns, but we'll have to wait and see."

There are updates from Transport for London on the Elephant & Castle project at and more on the regeneration project at