Southwark Cyclists now has over 800 LCC members living in the borough, and counting. We are one of the most active and influential borough groups. Below are a few highlights from the last year.

Achievements in 2009

Rides & events
In the year up to our October 2009 Annual Meeting and elections, we led or helped organise 98 rides, including the incredible overnight 116-mile Dunwich Dynamo. We organised transport back for 550 of this year's 1000 riders.

Our rides also included the Midsummer Madness ride to see the sun rise over London on the longest day of the year, and rides for older people as part of the Southwark Silver Festival.

Film festival
We had our very own Film Festival at the Shortwave Cinema during Bike Week.

Bike polo
Southwark Cyclists donated £600 to save the European Hardcourt Bicycle Polo Championship from being cancelled.

Southwark Cyclists are also a serious campaigning group:

We commented on around 300 planning applications this year, and developers are increasingly taking notice and asking us for advice.

Since 2008, we’ve had £1.5 million worth of projects accepted on to the Bermondsey and Rotherhithe Project Banks and £450,000 on works in Zone One to link the bike hire stations arriving in May 2010.

Want to find out more?

Our meetings are on the second Wednesday of the month at Better Bankside, 6:30-8:30pm.

You don't have to be an LCC member to be a part of Southwark Cyclists, but we do encourage joining to help the cause, so please try us - and get as involved as you like.

And why not come on one of our regular weekend or Afterworker rides? See our website or join the egroup (via the links on the right) for more details. We are also on Facebook and Twitter.