Southwark cycle path planting creates 1000 city trees

photo The charity Trees For Cities is planting a thousand bushes and trees on Southwark cycle routes

The tree-planting charity Trees For Cities will be working with volunteers in Southwark this month to plant over one thousand fruit hedges and trees along the popular Green Dale cycle route.

Schoolchildren, local councillors and volunteers have been planting crab apple trees, sloe hedges, blackberries and rose hips along the verges of the path over recent weeks.

The Green Dale route runs from East Dulwich Grove to Denmark Hill and is a well-used commuter cycle path, as part of the London Cycle Network route 23 from East Croydon to the City of London.

At the southern end of the half-mile stretch, semi-mature crab apple trees of 2-3 metres were  planted. They are being planted near large trees already in place to act as pollinating trees for the new hedges.

The new fruiting borders will provide cyclists with blossom in the spring and golden-coloured fruits on summer evenings and throughout the autumn, as well as increased biodiversity for the area as they provide shelter for wildlife.