Space for Cycling goes national with London Cycling Campaign, CTC and city campaigners united behind common cause

Space for Cycling, conceived and launched by the London Cycling Campaign, has become a national movement as CTC joins with city campaigns to persuade local politicians to support streets that are safe and inviting for cycling.

As well as CTC, the national cyclists' organisation, campaigners in cities such as Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield will be lobbying local politicians under the Space for Cycling platform.

LCC's Chief Executive Ashok Sinha said, "This is the first time campaigners across the UK have united around a single policy platform, and our common aim is to persuade local politicians to design streets that are safer and more inviting for everyone to cycle.

"In Greater London, local authorities control 95% of our streets, and the local elections are a key opportunity to put safe streets for cycling on the agenda."

In London, we're lobbying for over 600 Space for Cycling local improvements...

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