Space for Cycling success! Camden to trial 'cycle street'

London Cycling Campaign, Camden Cycling Campaign and others have welcomed the news that Camden Council has signed off a trial which will double the space for cycling on Tavistock Place. Camden Cycling Campaign's article explains the plans in more detail. The news has also been welcomed by social media users.

The proposal applies to the corridor along Torrington Place to Tavistock Place between the junctions with Tottenham Court Road and Judd Street, and it's great news for the cyclists who use this currently congested route - and the many more who'll choose to use the improved provision.

LCC's Space for Cycling ask for this ward is to 'Remove through motor traffic along Tavistock & Torrington Places between Gray's Inn Road & Tottenham Court Road'. While the proposed trial won't see motor traffic removed altogether, the plans will provide substantially more space for cycling - what is currently the westbound carriageway will be given over for exclusive use by westbound cycles. The current two-way cycle track on the north side of the road will be reserved for eastbound cycles.

Not only is this a Space for Cycling success, it's the result of an excellent campaign by Camden Cycling Campaign, who produced a video on the Tavistock Place cycle track in 2013 to illustrate why wider tracks are urgently needed. The video explains that the route is hugely popular but it's heavily overcrowded, confusing for pedestrians, and it's dangerous at junctions.


The trial will last for 12 months, starting in August or September. When it's been in place for a time, there will be a consultation as to whether to make the changes permanent. 

 Big thanks and well done to Camden Cycling Campaign and the council - we can't wait to ride it!