Space for Cycling Success in Hounslow!

Our Local Group in Hounslow have had some success with campaigning for Space for Cycling campaign in Hanworth ward. Read on to find out more!


UPDATE: Good News! In January 2015 councillors approved plans (Option B) for protected space for cycling on Hounslow Road (A314) Hounslow Cycling Campaign will continue talking with the council officers to try and get bike priority at side roads.We'll look forward to seeing the new protected Space for Cycling in this area!

 In Hounslow, 35% of councillors promised to deliver local cycling improvements as part of  our Space for Cycling Campaign. 

In Hanworth Ward, where two out of three Labour councillors supported Space for Cycling; we’re now seeing some progress!

As part of our Space for Cycling campaign around the local elections in May 2014, our local group in Hounslow (Hounslow Cycling Campaign) developed a list of local improvements they wanted to see in each electoral ward, which they asked councillors to support.

In Hanworth ward they are campaigning for protected space for cycling on Hounslow Road, in order to provide a safe route for people to cycle to the nearby Oriel Academy.

Hanworth Ward campaign demand

A continuous protected cycle route along both sides of Hounslow Road (A314)

The existing cycle route along Hounslow Road has street lamps positioned in the middle of it and the cycle route can often be blocked by the open car doors of vehicles parked on the pavement. We would like to see a high standard of protected space for cycling on this road that is physically separated from motor traffic and physically separated from car parking bays. Such a high quality space for cycling would be an attractive route to cycle to Oriel academy.


Thanks to their fantastic campaigning efforts, local councillors in Hanworth ward not only listened and agreed with what they were asking for, but took quick action and the council are now consulting on plans to provide a protected cycle route on Hounslow Road (A314), from the River Crane bridge near Middlesex Crematorium all the way to Bear Road flyover.

Problems with current cycle lane

The existing cycle lane along Hounslow road is substandard; it’s narrow and often blocked by vehicles and poorly positioned road signs and lamp posts. There is also poor drainage at various places. This is a key route for getting to Oriel Academy, so it’s vital that a new cycle route is high quality, safe and good enough for everyone, including small children to cycle along.

Hounslow Road provision for cycling is currently poor

The council have proposed two options, A & B, for creating space for cycling on Hounslow Road. The proposed scheme includes both installing new protected cycle lanes, as well as reducing speed limits along the road to 20mph. The plans look promising and would be a welcome development; helping to encourage people of all ages and abilities to cycle on this route.

What do Hounslow Cycling Campaign think of the proposals?

Hounslow Cycling Campaign prefer option B, as the cycle lanes are more clearly separate from motor traffic which would make them safer (however they do have some concerns about specific aspects of the proposals which they’ll be raising with the council). 

You can read their blog post to read their thoughts in more detail 

You can see in the picture below, that for both options A and B, motorists parking on the left side of the road have to drive over the cycle lane to reach the parking bays. On the right hand side of the road, in option B, most of the parking does not require motorists to drive over the cycle lane. Option B is the preferred option for Hounslow Cycling Campaign, as it would be safer for cyclists.

You can view the full proposed plans here and email your own response in support of better cycle lanes in Hanworth to by the 15th December 2014.

Contact if you’d like more information.

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