Space for Cycling 'Ward Asks' are now in as we prepare for the launch of the campaign

LCC's local groups have been beavering away over the past month or two, developing and deciding on the specific cycle improvements they want to see in each ward in their borough as part of the Space for Cycling campaign. Our Activism Coordinator highlighted some of the great work they've been doing in February's 'Voice of the Month'

We now have the final lists submitted and are in the process of uploading the 624 'asks' (one per ward across the whole of Greater London), to our brand new campaign website which will be ready at the end of the month.

What next?


The exciting work is yet to come, and ahead of the local elections on 22 May, we will be busy working with local groups to try to convince election candidates to support 'Space for Cycling'. We'll be asking each candidate to support the 'ask' in their ward.

Whilst there will be lots of activity going on locally, LCC will be encouraging all Londoners to take action and write to their candidates via our campaign website. You will soon be able to explore our new campaign map to find out what we are calling for in your neighbourhood, and you will be able to send emails to your candidates in a few simple clicks. We hope to make cycling the number one issue on which candidates are asked about at these local elections!

Local Group Insight: Bromley


Bromley Campaign Organiser, Eve Evans, with John Wood and Spencer Harradine

For a taste of what has been going on locally, Eve Evans, the campaign organiser for Bromley Cyclists tells us:

'Since working on the Space for Cycling Campaign, we have met many new people from within the Borough, who have brought a lot of enthusiasm to the group.  Indeed it is only with their help that we have managed to completed our 'Ward Asks' on time and so thoroughly.  All the Ward Asks were completed by the deadline, together with many photographs, links and videos - well done everyone in the Bromley Borough for your hard work and thank you.  We are not finished yet though - coming soon is our Bromley Big Event.'

If you want to get involved in your local campaign, our local groups would welcome your help over the coming weeks and months. You can get in touch with your borough group direct or contact us on