Space for Cycling win at Westminster Bridge South

TfL have revealed exciting plans for protected space for cycling on Westminster Bridge and around the old Park Plaza roundabout, on the south/east side of the Thames.

The London Cycling Campaign is supporting the scheme and we'd love you to, by going to TfL's public consultation here before 22 December, and giving your views on the scheme.

We think the scheme delivers proper, protected Space For Cycling, with segregated tracks separating cyclists from motor vehicle traffic around the layout, and potentially across Westminster Bridge, as well as junctions designed to give separate phases to cyclists. It's a big win for the London Cycling Campaign and for London's cyclists. But we do have some reservations.

A bidirectional track on the bridge at least would make good sense - and certainly there's space for a greater than 1.8m protected track on each side. The scheme also risks delaying cyclists at signals.

Here's how we've responded to the consultation. You can copy and paste this in to your responses for the easy, one-minute win (and tell any friends who ride through there)! Even better, write your own comments and opinions.

Go here and click "online survey"


Overall, do you support our proposals for Westminster Bridge, Westminster Bridge Road, Addington Street and Lambeth Palace Road?


What cycle facilities would prefer to see on Westminster Bridge?

"A 1.8m wide segregated cycle track" or "A 2.3m wide mandatory cycle lane".

Please tell us why below

There are multiple options for the bridge itself that would provide protected space but not require such a sacrifice of space in the width of track. “Semi” or “light” segregation using armadillos could potentially be used, or a “hybrid” or “stepped” track. Both would provide more space than full segregation, and much of the safety and perception of safety benefit.

Most welcome would be a radical redesign of at least the bridge element of the scheme. A bidirectional track on the south side of the bridge would link into the East-West Cycle SuperHighway far better (see than the current “with flow” tracks. Such a track could theoretically be continued around the outside of the junction.

Do you think the new crossing on Westminster Bridge Road would improve your journey through the area?


Do you have any further comments about our overall proposals?

Without measurements, it's impossible to tell if all tracks and lanes are a minimum of 2m. And without access to timings, the separate cycle signals could introduce significant delays to cyclists. Cycle cross time should be maximised and wait time minimised. Also, intermittent segregation measures around the bends would allow northbound cyclists travelling around the Park Plaza to bypass signals altogether and move at the same time as traffic. The same approach could avoid signal waits for cyclists turning left onto the roundabout from all spur roads.

If signals will result in long waits compared to motor vehicles, current cyclists may choose to remain on the carriageway – if this is unavoidable, please ensure relevant lane widths do not fall within current Cycling Level of Service “critical fail” widths, and ensure hook risks are mitigated, and that the design is appropriate for likely “shortcuts” (e.g. York Road to Westminster Bridge Road and vice versa).

Can the bus lanes be marked as bus and cycle lanes? In case cyclists wish to leave the track and join the carriageway. In the same vein, the north-south bus service lane behind the hotel should be clearly signed as a cycle facility also.

At the end of the bridge, Section 106 funding money has still yet to be spent to improve the link for cyclists and pedestrians from the bridge to NCN4 at Belvedere Road. Can this junction be improved so cyclists can access NCN4 easily?