Space saving vertical loading racks, two tier stands or hooks.

Options for storing 4 or more bikes in secure locations include:

  • Two-tier stands

  • Vertical racks

  • Hooks

These are best for work or home locations where a secure space that cannot be accessed by the general public can be guaranteed, as they only provide limited opportunity for locking.

The old style channel bike racks, especially the type used in traditional bike sheds are also very space efficient. Although they need to be used in secure sheds, since the bike cannot be securely locked to the stand as easily. Individual hook systems, popular in Germany also offer high density storage with low cost.

Case study: Surbiton station cycle facilities

Improvements have been made to Surbiton station facilities to cater for cycle-train commuters. These include installing undercover cycle parking and two-tier racks for use by commuters. The two-tier racks allow a greater number of bikes to be stored in a small space and each rack has a locking point so that bikes can be locked individually. The new facilities come courtesy of Transport for London, South West Trains and the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.