SQUIRE Mako CN8/900 lock, £40, www.squirelocks.co.uk

This Mako model uses an 8mm steel chain allied to Squire’s own lock body. Our sample came with a 900mm chain, which fitted around most street furniture as well as front wheel and frame.

The chain’s covered with a nylon sleeve, which is fastened at both ends and does a good job of protecting your bike’s paintwork.

The Mako isn’t particularly bulky, though at 1.8kg, all that protection takes some effort to carry around.

The key-operated lock is a 5-pin tumbler system, which is Sold Secure silver rated; in practice, this means it’s most likely going to need an angle-grinder to break.

PROS Sold Secure silver rating
CONS no carrying bracket

This review was written for the Xmas 2011 London Cyclist magazine