SQUIRE Snaplok, £60, www.squirelocks.co.uk

You already own a Hetchins Magnum Opus with track ends, a Campag Anniversary Pista chainset and a Paul Smith cycling jersey. But have you considered the lock you’re wearing? The latest in lock style comes from British firm Squire and its 210mm Snaplok is unique in two respects: its combination lock meets the Silver Sold Secure standard (three minutes to break they say) and it is shaped like a monster carabiner. It’s nice not to be reliant on keys and the unusual shape fits around slim street furniture. Setting the combination was a tricky but Squire told us that’s going to be improved. 260mm model is £70; 10-year guarantee. Pricey but stylish. TB

PROS 100,000 combinations
CONS won’t fit around large posts