St Christopher's Fellowship


St Christopher’s runs a hostel and resource centre in Hammersmith for those within the homeless community or people who are in temporary, supported housing in the wider community.

The project aimed to make cycling an attractive, viable and safer form of transport for homeless and socially excluded people through a series of workshops, providing second-hand bikes for participants if necessary.

CLPP role

The CLPP funding was to pay for the running of the workshops and associated costs including salary of an experienced mechanic, spares, equipment and a set of tools to belong to the project.

Project development and outcomes

  • A course ‘syllabus’ prepared to include basic maintenance and repair and responsible and safe cycling

  • Workshops planned to be offered in 6 week cycles

  • Learning facilitated through group discussion, demonstrations, practical work on bikes and printed materials and handouts

  • Literacy and ESOL issues could be addressed through the work with printed materials. Additional support could be provided for participants with learning difficulties or disabilities

  • Bikes donated by local police to aid inclusivity

  • On-road cycle training is available if needed


This project has been highly successful. It has been practically and carefully designed with the needs of the participants in mind and has achieved general learning and other benefits in the process. Feedback is very positive and illustrates how a cycling project can meet many non-cycle-related aims and needs: ‘My confidence is building and the course has helped me in many ways without realising.’

This vital community work could not be done without the support of our membership. The best way to ensure more local communities are introduced to the benefits of cycling is to become a member today.