Survey seeks cyclists' views on air pollution in London

photo Jeremy Hughes London is the dirtiest city in Europe as far as air pollution is concerned

A masters student at King's College, London, is asking cyclists to fill in a short survey on their experiences of air pollution in the capital.

Urban air pollution is recognised by scientists as a 'silent killer', with respiratory diseases reducing life expectancy and quality of life for thousands of Londoners every year.

LCC communications officer Mike Cavenett said, "Government must deal better with London's air poliution problem.

"It's a shame some cyclists feel they have to compensate for inadequate legislation and enforcement by wearing masks."


I regularly commute to work from NE London to Holborn. 10 miles/3 or 4 days a week. The main emcounter with pollution is buses. Often you are directly behind them as they pull out from a stop. Exhausts are located so that they directly through their fumes straight towards you. In Central London, buses are perceived as the main polluter. Better maintained buses and located exhausts would be a benefit to cyclists.
Julian Heard

I studied at Reading University from 1969 with professor Bryce-Smith as one of my chemistry tutors - he studied Los Angeles air and went on to get organic lead compounds removed from gasoline - he could not prevent the massive increase in private automobile ownership & use .
david william holliday

Once the warmer weather comes I have to start using an inhaler, due to pollution. I also get bad conjunctivitis and have to use an antibiotic eye cream. All costs to me and the health service. One firend who used to cycle from Southall to Islington would report that his eyes were streaming by the end of the journey and his throat was very sore because of the fumes. Isn't there another study being undertaken in Tower Hamlets, looking into the levels of tar in children's lungs, due to car pollution.
Monica Saunders