Sustainable Energy Action

SEA are working in the Aylesbury SRB area in Lewisham and have used an LCC grant to set up an ongoing bicycle maintenance workshop in a community venue to promote the use of bicycles as a form of sustainable transport.

Project outcomes –

  • Has provided an opportunity for local people to ‘drop in’ and get their bikes fixed whilst learning how to maintain them themselves. Average numbers each week have steadily increased from 5 - 10 people to 15 – 20 people.

  • As the sessions are free and in a well-known local community venue, it has provided an incentive for people to dig out their old bikes and get them in working order. This is enabling some people to start or return to cycling again. In a recent visit the cycle mechanic explained that many of the bikes he looks at have very simple things wrong with them, like punctures or worn breaks, which stop people from using their bikes altogether. “But with the help of the workshop problems are fixed and people are able to ride again”.

  • The project has gained in popularity with young people from the Aylesbury Estate. This is providing them with an activity that is fun and engaging whilst teaching new skills, building confidence and a sense of achievement in the end results. Though we do not have any concrete evidence this project may also be providing young people with a form of crime diversion.