Sutton signs LCC safer lorries pledge

Sutton Council has signed the London Cycling Campaign’s ‘Safer Lorries, Safer Cycling’ pledge. As part of the pledge the Council says it 'will only sign new contracts with the safest haulage companies, which conform to the London Cycling Campaign’s Safer Lorries conditions.' This includes all waste and re-cycling, road maintenance and construction contracts.

Lorries will have to have close-proximity warning systems (visual or audible) to make drivers aware of cyclists and pedestrians who might hidden from view, full safety mirrors , sideguards and external warning devices. 

Sutton Councillor Jill Whitehead, Chair of Environment and Neighbourhoods, said: A key part of improving cycle safety is ensuring our fleet and those of our contractors are as safe and cycle-friendly as possible.  Consequently we have been working with our fleet team to train our drivers in cycle awareness and incorporate cycle safety features into our vehicles.  We also have funding for 2014/15 for Safer Urban Driving and will continue to work both with our fleet and drivers, and with council contractors and other fleet operators in the borough, to improve cycle safety.”

LCC welcomes the addition of Sutton to the growing list of brorughs that have now signed the LCC pledge on safer lorries. We urge all boroughs to adopt and implement similar measures to help reduce road danger on our roads and make them safer for walkers and cyclists.