Sutton Travel Smart scheme increases cycling by 50%

pic from Sutton CouncilImproving Cycle security is a major factor in the Sutton scheme's success in increasing cycling by 50%

A £5 million scheme to get people on to bikes has seen the number of cyclists rise by 50% in the last year in Sutton, south London.

The Smarter Travel Sutton scheme also cut bike theft by 17% after creating 200 secure cycle parking spaces, which was a major tenet of the project.

The scheme also involved contacting 30,000 households, offering them personalised advice on car-free travel.

A School Travel Advisor and a Cycle Projects Officer worked with Sutton schools to increase the number of children cycling.

Walking and using public transport more too
The TfL report on the second year of the project also found that the number of people travelling by bus rose by 7%, and on foot also rose significantly during the programme, which was jointly funded by Sutton Council and Transport for London.

LCC chief executive Koy Thomson said, "This scheme proves that if you give people the right encouragement, they will leave their cars behind."

"Some might say £5 million is a lot of money, but this project could end up paying for itself many times over when you consider how much cheaper it is to provide healthcare for an active population."