SWRVE jeans, £80, www.swrve.co.uk

These regular fit jeans aren't the kind of cycle-specific clothing you'll find in many cycle shops, and that's a shame.

They do contain Lycra, but it's only 2%, with the other 98% being denim.

No, they're not good for downpours or hill training, rather these comfy everyday trousers are designed for those who spend a little bit more time than normal on the saddle, but want to wear the same gear at work as on the way in.

The bike-friendly features are subtle: a slightly lower waist at the front to stop them digging into your belly, a higher waist at the back to stop your cleft poking out, articulated knees for a better fit on a bike or barstool, and seamless crotch for on-bike comfort.

There's even a reflective strip on the inside right leg, which reveals itself if you turn up the chain-side ankle.

Available with 30-36" waist, regular or long leg, these are a very fine pair of strides.