Take a stand and get your workplace cycle-friendly

 Credit: Lionel Shapiro

The Take A Stand scheme

The "Take a Stand" scheme, run by Transport for London in conjunction with the six Sub-Regional Transport Partnerships, aims to encourage businesses to provide cycle parking for their employees and thus promote cycling and increased cycle security.

What you get

Over 600 cycle stands have been allocated to 46 employers since the scheme started last December.

Your employer can apply for Sheffield stands for up to 40 bicycles, absolutely free. The cycle stands can either be bolted down or sunk into the ground.

Getting your workplace cycle-friendly is a great way to get your employees or colleagues fitter, happier and more productive. Not only does better fitness mean fewer sick days and better all-round health, but exercise like cycling reduces stress, meaning you'll get to work feeling bright and alive.

And alongside ‘Take-a-Stand’, TfL also offer up to £1,000 match funding for facilities including showers, lockers and drying facilities as well as trade price Raleigh bicycles for pool cycle facilities.

Employers, get applying

Applications run on a bi-monthly basis, with the next deadline being the end of December 2006.

In order to qualify for ‘Take-a-Stand’, employers must draw up a workplace travel plan, which sets out how they will encourage their staff to use sustainable transport such as cycling, walking and public transport.

Advice on developing a workplace travel plan is available via the Sub-Regional Travel Plan Coordinators (SRC), located across London.

Applications for the ‘Take-a-Stand’ scheme are made through the relevant SRC. To be put in contact with your relevant SRC, in the first instance email TfL’s Workplace Travel Planning Team - visit the TfL website for more details.  

Employees, pass it on

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