Take action: Baker Street and Gloucester Place two way? No thanks

The Baker Street Two Way project is back. When it went to consultation last summer, we were not fans at all - and neither was the Cycling Commissioner. Now, the scheme is back, with eight key junctions modified, and out to consultation until 20 March. And the bad news is that some of those junctions are arguably worse for cycling, the segregated cycling link into Regent's Park has been replaced by advisory cycle lanes and all of the issues we highlighted in the original scheme - namely the complete lack of protection and infrastructure for cyclists on busy, hostile streets with part-time mandatory lanes considered plenty for the likes of us - are still there!

We really need to send a message to Westminster Council that this is not good enough. The Cycling Commissioner doesn't think so, many cyclists who use the area don't think so, and the London Cycling Campaign doesn't think so. So, to send a strong message to Westminster Council please send in a consultation response today.

The one minute action:

Go here: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2596280/Baker-Street-Two-Way-Project-Consultation-Questionnaire

And simply oppose every single element of the scheme, while adding your own take on the following in the text box of at least one section:

"I oppose the original proposals that were unpopular at public consultation among most users. And I oppose the new proposals that add further hook risks to junctions, introduce "critical fails" from TfL's Cycling Level of Service (CLoS) tool and fail to remedy many of the problems with the original scheme. Far better proposals would see protected space for cycling, calmed junctions and pedestrian and bus improvements as a priority on Baker Street particularly, but also Gloucester Place. Such an approach might not see the area reverting to two-way motor vehicle traffic, but could potentially be better for all users overall."

And don't forget to fill out the About you section at the end.

If you have more time, then please fill out the individual boxes as well. Here are some suggestions - ideally don't copy-and-paste them.

Q2: "Numerous CLoS 'critical fails' and hook risks retained for a complex and conflict-ridden junction design."

Q4: "Turning motor vehicles and cyclists likely to come into conflict - likely 'critical fails' at this junction."

Q6: "Removing the two-way track for cycling worsens the proposal from the original, and the junction remains hostile and features banned turns for cyclists."

Q8: "Again, numerous 'critical fails' including left hook risks. And removing the two-way cycle track makes it impossible for northbound cyclists to enter Regent's Park from Baker Street."

Q14: "Numerous 'critical fails' at both junctions. And worse, in allowing motor vehicles to turn left again at Gloucester Place, the modified scheme reintroduces an extra one."

Q16: "Numerous 'critical fails' partly introduced by returning these streets to two-way working. And not enabling easy, comfortable and safe turns for cyclists means these streets will remain a barrier to cycling uptake."

Q18: Do remind Westminster Council how unpopular the original plans were and these new plans don't fix the issues in them.


Click here for our full response